Raleigh Party Buses's Pricing Policy

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Party buses are the most luxurious mode of transportation, but that doesn't mean that the price tag has to be luxurious. In fact, many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our party bus service in Raleigh really is. Most companies in the area charge an arm and a leg for lackluster service just to line their own pockets with cash, but we've taken a different approach to our style of pricing, and that's why we have such a large customer base. We pass on our savings to you! When you have a quality business, you can let the service speak for itself without charging a rate that people can't afford.

We'll only need a few pieces of information to give you a rate for your night in our Raleigh party buses. The information we'll need includes where you're going, how many people you'll be taking with you, and when you need to use our party bus in Raleigh. You'll be on your way with an accurate quote within seconds, and you're sure to be impressed with our rates. Keep in mind that the quality of our transportation goes above and beyond what the competition has to offer, without charging an outrageous price. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with fantastic transportation!

We offer special rate packages for savings!

In terms of different events saving money, in particular, here are some examples ...

- We constantly try to offer packages that will save you money (and hassle) on your wedding day. We run different packages, based on amounts of time, etc. We also do an all-inclusive style of wedding booking where you get a flat rate, you have red carpet service, beverages are included and many more things! Call us with your specifics and we'd be glad to help you!

- We have many out-of-town trips that we book monthly and you should call us to inquire about yours. We can save you a great deal of money, aggravation and offer added things that you may not have thought of to your trip; like the amenities that come on one of our new party buses.

- If you are planning to book us for not only your wedding day itself, but also your bachelor and bachelorette parties make sure to ask our helpful customer service representative about a group bundle on all of the vehicles you will need from us to cover all of the events of your upcoming marriage.